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Continuing Danny's Philosophy of doing things properly we have/are are putting a passionate team together of the best people in their fields. This campaign has many different area's and we still have some specialist area's we'd need help in if your interested. The area's we are looking for are: Legal, Finance, PR, Admin and Sales/Sponsorship

Meet the team of people already commited to our campaign:

Martin Carter

Martin Carter

As shore manager its Martin that gets it if any thing goes wrong. A bit rough but he tells us he's thick skinned - so he should be fine. Martin comes with a huge background in ocean racing yacht build and fit out. If we rolled up his specialties its historically been repairs and installations to engineering, electrical, electronic, plumbing and hydraulic systems on race boats.

Currently freelancing as a Project Manager across various refits. Prior to that he Project Managed build, refits and/or engineering systems for numerous boats including Super Yachts, Volvo 70 'Telefonica', Open 60 class yacht

Ecover, Ecover 3, Vendee Global Kingfisher many of these as Project Manager for Owen Clark Design and/or their clients.

Martin also has experience in managing or actual work on many other round the world boats, delivery of boats, shore crew and other duties for America's cup and Volvo Ocean teams etc etc etc etc.

Roger (Clouds) Badham

Roger Badham - everyone in yachting calls him 'clouds'

He has a PhD in meteorology - another Dr - but no-one in yachting has ever asked for that particular qualification! He says - you're as good as your last gig. Stuff it up and you are not asked back! It's that simple.

Just on 40 years experience in meteorology and 30 years in marine (yachting) weather. Over that time he has been involved with 8 America's Cups, 7 Olympic games and 29 round the world events like the Volvo Ocean Race. He has been involved in several 'slow' Tasman crossings, assisting Justin and James in their 2 man kayak, Sean and most recently the 4 rowers from Sydney to Auckland.

Roger says "Over the last 30 years, I have probably assisted up to 500 vessels to cross the Tasman - it's a piece of water that i know reasonably well and give it the respect it deserves. It can be very trying and if you are slow - and there's nothing slower than one guy rowing a boat - then the chance of running into terrible weather is basically 100% . It is my job to minimise the bad weather and make sure the proposed route is the best possible at all times."

Craig Loomes

Craig Loomes

With a background as a professional boat builder as well as being a multi award winning naval architect with a flair for styling and ergonomics  Craig has a real intuitive feel for the design of efficient hull forms which is validated by theory and extensive tank testing. Craig has more than 11000 miles of offshore sailing, was successful at top level dinghy racing and the winning of power boat trophies assures that our boat will both be a rocketship and look stunning.

A meticulous thinker, Craig has an eye for detail and a passion for excellence which is applied not only to the varied technical aspects of boat and yacht design, but to the thousands of aesthetic and ergonomic subtleties that combine to form good design.

Craig is a Director at our Design Partners LOMOcean - Design philosophy focussed on practical boats, strong on innovation with strikingly good looks.
Andre Moltschaniwskyj

Andre Moltschaniwskyj

Andre is our "the boat will be strong and light" guy. He brings to the team, over a decade of composite structural design experience on boats ranging from high volume production runabouts to top level, custom built race and super yachts. Formerly a senior engineer with leading composite materials technology company, High Modulus, he has a broad range of expertise
including business development and sales experience.  Andre also spent a number of years in Britain in a senior consulting role, working with clientele across mainland Europe on the structural design of large sailing and motor yachts.

All this experience and rubber stamped with a New Zealand Certificate of Engineering and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

Andre is a Director at our Design Partners LOMOcean - Carrying overall responsibility for the structural elements of the design of LOMOcean Designs boats
Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Following on our attitude of only working with the best, Dr Rachel Brown (Yes we officially have someone with Dr in front of their name on the team) is a lecturer and sports nutritionist at the University of Otago. She has worked with individuals and groups with the goal of improving nutritional status and thereby influencing health, physical performance, and well-being.

Danny thought Rachel sounded like his type of person when she first told him he would be able to eat anything and preferably the fattier the better and it wasn't a bad thing carrying a bit of extra weight - somehow we think that's not exactly what she said and think that his hearing may have been slightly selective.

Not just here for her pretty face, Rachel has extensively researched the influence of diet on health, sports performance, body composition and energy regulation. Her expertise has been sought by some of New Zealand's top athletes.  She has designed nutrition plans for the successful New Zealand crews in the Trans-Atlantic Rowing Challenge, America's Cup Yachtsmen, and
Olympic Athletes.

Rachel completed her qualifications at the University of Otago where she studied Human Nutrition, Biochemistry, Epidemiology and Exercise Physiology. She went on to complete a PhD in Sports Nutrition.
Tracy Pepper

Tracy Pepper

Tracy has spent most of her life volunteering for Cancer Organizations and is very excited to be working with Danny towards raising money and awareness for Cancer Research. She herself has fought and won the battle against a rare form of cancer. It has been her lifelong mission to do anything she can to give back to the cause which saved her own life. She practices yoga and meditation and teaches these skills to her clients to focus their mind and control their body. She believes in the overwhelming power of the mind and that stretching our brain is just as important as stretching our bodies.

It is her job to get Danny limbered up and mellowed out before his arduous journey across the Tasman. Her smooth Canadian accent has the ability to put him into a state of deep relaxation in record time. Danny's favourite yoga posture is Shavasana. He's a pro.

Tracy Pepper is the hands behind Magic Hands. She graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1995 where she studied Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Applied Treatments and Nutrition. She had a private practice as a Registered Neuromuscular Therapist in Toronto, Canada and contracted out to various sports teams, professional stage actors and went on tour with STOMP in Canada. After 10 years, she decided to leave the rat race for a simpler life and found herself in New Zealand.

She started her practice, "Magic Hands" in Mount Maunganui in hopes for a quiet beach life. She secured a regular contract with the All Black Sevens Rugby Team and she also manages her Well-Being Centre. Life is far from quiet, but she loves it.

Alan and Julie Sunkel

Alan and Julie Sunkel

Danny asked for Alan and Julie to be listed as Ground crew. We think that "Heaven Crew" may be more appropriate as they will be looking down on him at sea when none of us can be there. As they did so many times as he grew up, egging him on with the "You can do anything you set your mind too" and "never give up"  spirit that he grew up with. It's this grounding that gives him the strength to take on such a challenge in the first place.
For those of you that don't know Danny's dad passed away when he was 17 and his mum when he was 21 and he maintains that they were and always will be his lighthouse.


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