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Torn Ligaments
Torn Ligaments
9:52AM 11th Aug 14

February Surgery February Surgery

Yes I know I have been Missing in action for a while and here's an update on progress. 

I've had one of those runs, the boat is built and 95% kitted out and everything else coming together.

Early last year I had a accident which I hurt my hand. After 7 months, 2 xrays, MRI and even second opinion doctors saying its fine, a Karen Smith specialist hand Surgeon said she thought I had ripped a major ligament off the bone and torn another major ligament in my wrist.

Three rounds of open hand surgery in November 2013, February and April 2014 to fix it. I virtually spend 12 months in above cast or brace (much of this above elbow). As a result I had lost significant muscle mass and flexibility and obviously strength. Not to mention the 4 major scars ranging from 50-100mm the photo above is the second biggest and just one of them. I started back at the gym in June with the focus being to rebuild flexibility and then strength followed by endurance.

I was hopeful at rowing this coming Summer, however this idea was crushed when the specialist told me in June will take longer than this summer to rebuild my endurance strength - her words were this summer would be a pipe dream.

At this stage there are a couple of Options for my Journey and the future of Ocean Row Boat "Miss Jay":

  1. Push the campaign out to January 2016
  2. Take the boat to Aussie late next year and row Aussie to NZ in Sept-Dec next year
  3. Consider a different row in a different loacation and time window. One such option would be to ship the boat to Callifornia and row to Hawaii.
  4. The last and least preferred option is for me to have someone else row the boat.

I have approached a number of our bigger sponsors about my concerns of putting it off again impacting on delaying return on investment for them. I was honoured to find of those I spoke to they were all fully supportive and dismissive of my idea of putting someone else in the boat. The general consensus of those spoken that this is my campaign for cancer and that it should be me in the boat if at all possible.

So what's the plan going forward. I'm working through the sponsors and key supporters to get their input as without this support I would not have even got this far.

I would like to hear from you all with feedback on these and other options as this is a team effort. - Perhaps check out the facebook page and the feedback there.

Once again thanks everyone and this twist certainly adds the the journey.


Danny Sunkel

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ok, I confess I only lasted about 10 days. I must of been asked about it 200 times so resulted in great awareness. A few comments about how it showed the difference between before and after a cancer p
You are building an amazing family of sponsors!
So are you still walking around like that?? I'm not sure how long I could cope with it.
Hey Alana - it's at $850 now. Come on all, give a little. . . if we sacrifice a bottle of wine each week (AFD anyone?)and put the proceeds to the cause, we'll make Alana's goal in no time!
Info on the Ocean Rowing for Cancer Charitable Trusts Donation Policy and update on Donations is available on our donations page.
Let me introduce you all to my ex wife Leisa Sunkel/Weir. Good to see your still alive and kicking Leisa and keeping us honest :)
Sounds like its time for a cup of tea. Keep up the charge Dan, stay vulnerable. An awesome and improbable journey/project with so many powerful positives. I'm proud to be involved in a small way a
I am proud say I was one of those who encouraged the postponement, blame me if you want! When I saw Danny’s post on Facebook late last year about the weather window opening in 11 weeks I felt we weren
So Danny just wondering when you are now scheduled to row the Tasman and is it still the Tasman or another ocean??? You started this dream back in 2009 with the Atlantic and then you decided upon the
Can put your pic on my web site with a hyperlink to your sight using the boat builders pis side on view with rower. Communicate by e-mail. Would have preferred to communicated via e-mail . Web site


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