Danny Sunkel
Got wet and learnt heaps
Got wet and learnt heaps
9:35PM 27th Oct 09

Attended Advanced Sea Survival course about a month ago and learnt heaps. Biggest lessons were in the practicle, trying to do things in the water while being blasted in the face with a high pressure hose. Basically a huge learning curve in all area's of sea survival. Have you ever tried swimming a couple of hundred metres in all your wet weather gear - good exercise - try it some time.

Also that when the life raft inflated it was tangled and twisted. Spent about 10 minutes in 1 meter waves while getting blasted with high pressure hose untangling it. Here's pic once it was sorted.

 Take away key point of the whole day stay in the boat until you have to step up into the life raft as they are small, full of water (we had five people in a 6 man raft and were chest deep in water) they stink of rubber and glue - not some where you want to spend unnessesery time, with a good chance of spewing your ring out...... Also big point is that people have been lost at sea by abondoning their boat for the raft and the boat has been found later still afloat.

Thanks to Shaun Quincey for the photo's before his camera went flat. Sorry the pics were pretty blurry - but you get the idea.

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You are building an amazing family of sponsors!
So are you still walking around like that?? I'm not sure how long I could cope with it.
Hey Alana - it's at $850 now. Come on all, give a little. . . if we sacrifice a bottle of wine each week (AFD anyone?)and put the proceeds to the cause, we'll make Alana's goal in no time!
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Let me introduce you all to my ex wife Leisa Sunkel/Weir. Good to see your still alive and kicking Leisa and keeping us honest :)
Sounds like its time for a cup of tea. Keep up the charge Dan, stay vulnerable. An awesome and improbable journey/project with so many powerful positives. I'm proud to be involved in a small way a
I am proud say I was one of those who encouraged the postponement, blame me if you want! When I saw Danny’s post on Facebook late last year about the weather window opening in 11 weeks I felt we weren
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Can put your pic on my web site with a hyperlink to your sight using the boat builders pis side on view with rower. Communicate by e-mail. Would have preferred to communicated via e-mail . Web site


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