Danny Sunkel
5:42PM 15th Jul 09

Its a bastard of a disease so bad we use it as a title for other things like saying a cars got cancel meaning its full of rust.

Yes I hate it, but its part of life. For those of you that don't know about my history with Cancer here goes

  • My Father Alan died of Adrenal Cancer
  • My surrogate Mother Gill (who has supported me since loosing mum and dad) is well on the way to beating cancer
  • My Grandmother and all four (boys) of her kids (including my dad) had or died from Cancer.
I could go on but I won't Cancer is a shit of a disease and those who have dedicated their life to trying to solve this disease deserve both a medal and all the support they can get. 
If you don't know someone who has been effected by Cancer you are a rarity. SO come on and help me and my supportive team raise the profile, raise some $$ and beat this bastard. 
We aren't quite ready to accept donations but our charitable trust will be set up shortly, but how bout registering your interest of support. You know if you don;t do it now then you will probably forget. Click comment below and lets get this baby started! 
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ok, I confess I only lasted about 10 days. I must of been asked about it 200 times so resulted in great awareness. A few comments about how it showed the difference between before and after a cancer p
You are building an amazing family of sponsors!
So are you still walking around like that?? I'm not sure how long I could cope with it.
Hey Alana - it's at $850 now. Come on all, give a little. . . if we sacrifice a bottle of wine each week (AFD anyone?)and put the proceeds to the cause, we'll make Alana's goal in no time!
Info on the Ocean Rowing for Cancer Charitable Trusts Donation Policy and update on Donations is available on our donations page.
Let me introduce you all to my ex wife Leisa Sunkel/Weir. Good to see your still alive and kicking Leisa and keeping us honest :)
Sounds like its time for a cup of tea. Keep up the charge Dan, stay vulnerable. An awesome and improbable journey/project with so many powerful positives. I'm proud to be involved in a small way a
I am proud say I was one of those who encouraged the postponement, blame me if you want! When I saw Danny’s post on Facebook late last year about the weather window opening in 11 weeks I felt we weren
So Danny just wondering when you are now scheduled to row the Tasman and is it still the Tasman or another ocean??? You started this dream back in 2009 with the Atlantic and then you decided upon the
Can put your pic on my web site with a hyperlink to your sight using the boat builders pis side on view with rower. Communicate by e-mail. Would have preferred to communicated via e-mail . Web site


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