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Donations Policy of the Ocean Rowing for Cancer Charitable Trust
The Trustees have agreed on proportioning donated funds. All donations unless specified will be split on a 50/50 basis between the research fund and the rowing campaign. Donors may also specify that a donation be applied to either the rowing campaign or the research fund by nominating a specific proportion. The charitable portion will be allocated to the Research Fund and held in a separate bank account.

Donations update: February 2013 
79% of donations have gone to the research fund and the remaining 21% towards the campaign. Worldvision sit on 79% and Oxfam 75% so at 79% we are equal or more efficient than some of the biggest and most established charities. 

Our approach has been where possible to put all of the donations into the Research fund e.g. at the Hutchwilco Auckland boat show in May 2012 $1770.40 was donated in cash donations and all of this went straight to the research fund account. Our intention is and will continue to be to fund the campaign via commercial sponsorships allowing 100% of private donations to go directly to the Research fund. 

Where will my Donation Go?
Our goals for funding Research is to work with research projects directly. We have had initial talks with various oncology specialists and research bodies about assisting us in identifying and reviewing suitable projects that we can not only support but also get behind and provide some profile for these projects and allow our donors to see specifically where there money will go. Up to three specific research projects to be selected through a specialist review process.

The Trust is yet to select which research projects it will support as our first priority is finding the commercial sponsorship to fund the campaign costs. In the interim the trust holds a separate Cancer Research fund account to hold these funds until the projects have been selected.

Donate Now
Help us on our journey then you can go to our donations page to make an online donation. If you would prefer then we are happy to accept Cheques. Please make out to:

Ocean Rowing for Cancer Charitable Trust
PO Box 14228
Tauranga, 3143

  • If you would like a receipt please include a return address.
  • If you would like your donation to only do to the research fund or only to the campaign then please note it with your donation. Otherwise it will be treated as per our Donations Policy.

Thanks for your support


Simon Collett - Trustee
Martin Carter - Trustee
Danny Sunkel - Trustee
Ocean Rowing for Cancer Charitable Trust
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